On my mind

A lot… but a lot can’t be said here.

I’m in South Bend for my great uncle’s funeral. It’s sad of course, but also nice to be with family. I am glad my family is close and I hope my great aunt feels the love of family during this time. My brother and I have nice memories of staying with them when we were kids. He claims Uncle Firm rescued him from being stuck between the wall and the bed when he fell out one night. We remember going to the pool and their dog and eating a lot of ice cream with them!

I am supposed to close on a house tomorrow in Indy. It’s in a really cool neighborhood and I’m partly excited about it… it needs work and there are other considerations about the future use/habitation of this property, but overall I know it’s a good deal and I’ve always wanted to have a home in a place like this. I hope the surrounding crime-y neighborhood doesn’t infiltrate! Watch this space for my exasperated experiences in remodeling a century old home.

Work is kicking my rear and has been for quite some time. I was able to offload some routine work to be able to work on a project that is due around my birthday. I will need many stiff drinks to celebrate when it is done. So far we are moving along and I’m trying to balance the need for management feedback on the work in progress with the need not to waste their time or slam their calendars if I don’t have everything done that I need to get done.

That’s all I can say for now about the compartmentalizing of my thoughts and energy these days. I must get back to editing some slides! I love data but I’m not as big a fan of trending it some nights.

Myrtle Beach

Went on vacation a couple weeks ago with my mom and Emmy. Emmy likes hotel beds and condo couches just fine. I got a sunburn.

I’m also putting my name on the NaBloPoMo list again, though it’s a shadow of its former self with a new hosting location and no categories and prizes that, well, seem more promotional for authors (blogs over books! this month at least) than community-donated. I need some way to weed out total vapidity, and being on BlogHer doesn’t really excite me in the first place. In years past I enjoyed finding other blogs by writers who shared my Myers-Briggs type or took pictures of the contents of their refrigerators. Anyway, I don’t have as much time to read the webz anymore but hopefully it’ll get me to post more often this month. November starts a depressing winter season so I need something to look forward to! I will try not to rant about work every day.

Note: Emmy fell down the back steps yesterday and re-injured her leg that just had us at the emergency vet last weekend. Well, all her legs this time. She’s trotting about normally now but her collection of bloody cuts and bruises has increased significantly. She is kind of like a giraffe: leggy, awkward, and not meant to use stairs.

Emmy’s injury

I spent five or six hours at the emergency vet today with Emmy, who hurt her foot/leg yesterday while on squirrel patrol in the yard. It’s not broken (unless the radiologist sees more than the emergency vet did), but her foot is swollen and she’s limping. She scrapes up her feet and legs a lot in the yard, but this is the first time her limping lasted more than an hour. It’s been over 24 now. She has a slight fever and is resting a lot. I’m glad it’s not worse!


Meanwhile, I had planned to go to work all day but those plans were scuttled. I did some work at the vet during the long waits and now I’m still plugging away at reports here at home. Last week I was in a four-day project at work that did not allow me to get normal work done, and the previous week I was on vacation, so I feel VERY behind. Someday I’ll catch up. (I’ve been saying that for years.)

My mom had a scary medical incident a few days ago and we are all grateful she’s home and feeling good now!!

Not much else to report. I rode my bike to the Irvington Halloween Festival this weekend (funnel cake!! Did you know there is different batter for an elephant ear, which has cinnamon sugar, while the funnel cake gets powdered sugar?) and I’m working working working. Clover continues to heal. Happy Halloween tomorrow! I haven’t busted into the candy yet.

Happy 80th Birthday, Grandma!

Today is Grandma’s birthday! We had a party last weekend with lots of good food and laughs. It’s a good thing she can take a joke since there were more than a few Oldie von Moldy statements directed her way.



The dogs said to tell you happy birthday, too, Grandma

Last year I told a few stories about spending time with Grandma. And she wasn’t too happy this past weekend when she noticed I cut my hair. 🙂

Hope you have a great day and eat lots of cake!

The ocean’s fecking free, mate

An Irish Thanksgiving meal: actually it was five Americans and a British guy, who has been quoted as saying the title of this post, which I think had something to do with not paying to swim in a pool. He had pumpkin pie for the first time (made with pumpkin we had our visitors bring from the States because you can’t get canned pumpkin here).

Our Irish coworkers wished us happy Thanksgiving way more times than I’ve ever heard it in the US and asked if we were going to take vacation days. Seeing as how it’s freezing cold here and there’s nothing to do in Ireland in November, we just went to work!

Emmy ate all the bread off the counter again today but we managed to have a nice spread and even heard Alice’s Restaurant on internet radio. Now it’s time for bed!

The first one’s my favorite

Phoning it in tonight… tired from work and visitors. Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow in the States! David’s mom is here and is cooking a dead bird. I made a pumpkin pie and Emmy the dog stole a loaf of bread from the counter, bread crumbs from the trash, and pearl barley and rice noodles from the pantry. Everyone plays a part… kind of glad I’m escaping at work most of the day.

Enjoy these cards from someecards.com and don’t eat too much mash (that’d be mashed potatoes)

The surprise

About a week and a half ago, I got up at the butt crack of dawn and got on one of these:

Then I went to Amster-amster-shh-shh-shh*

Twenty hours, a taxi, two planes, and a bus after leaving David fast asleep in bed, I arrived a few thousand miles west to drive on the right, sneak around town, and put on a play:

We did This is Your Life for my mom’s BD and I got to surprise her!

Only my brother and his wife (and their dog) were in on it and we had a great time surprising the rest of the family. Then I had to hurry back home and get back to work with some serious jet lag. But it was fun! I just don’t want to do it every weekend.

*Anyone who was in Mr. Short’s music class in the eighties at Nuner elementary will be able to sing along. Also, the Amsterdam airport is fabulous. This trip also marked the end of the line for my aging backpack which has been around since high school. I finally replaced it but I kind of miss it!

Happy 60th BD to Mom!

I know it’s not nice to say people are old, or even to divulge exactly how old, but today is my mom’s 60th birthday and 1. I don’t think she’s old and 2. everyone should know it and tell her Happy Birthday!

My mom and I have scarily similar personalities (and hair, for that matter). We enjoy things the same way, worry about things the same way, shy away from spotlights the same way, and focus on our introverted passions in the same way. I think anyone who can spend a lifetime doing what they love has it all figured out–I need her to teach me that one a little better.

Mom was always the soft touch when we were in trouble, always let us spend the night with our friends or bring people over to the house, always got up early to fix us breakfast and get us off to school (even though we are equally not morning people–I truly understand this accomplishment), and took me to school when I then missed the bus anyway. I even liked being sick because she’d fix grilled cheese, tomato soup, and 7Up. I liked when I had dentist appointments because instead of rushing me back to school, we’d go have lunch at Wendy’s and read the antique ads on the tabletops. She organized great family vacations and made the awesomest Halloween costumes–usually when we only made up our minds about a day before! She even sewed us a fort made out of fabric for the trees in the backyard.

I’m sure the more important, lasting skills she and Dad taught us were reading at early ages and how to treat everyone fairly, not to mention the importance of a healthy family dinner eaten together. They were also so supportive of everything we did which built our confidence automatically. It’s strange to reflect on these things now because they sure didn’t seem like big deals to me as a kid.

Anyway, thanks, Mom, for being a great mom and have a happy birthday! We love you. Now I’m going to embarrass you with pictures from your trip in June (and thanks to Margel for taking some funny ones!).

1. Looking lovely at Cahir castle
2. Uh oh, there’s about to be a rough boat ride on the Atlantic…
3. Not looking so lovely after the boat.
4. A town called Quilty!
5. At Slea Head
6. Aww, poor 18th century American prisoner
7. At Dunbeg stone fort
8. Climbing Ballycarberry castle
9. Inishmore, Aran Islands: gray day at Dún Aonghasa
10. Not the porticullis!
11. Hanging out in Kilmalkedar Church
12. Riding the dolpin in Dingle
13. Ice cream! Killarney, amongst the hen parties