Eight things

A meme that’s been making the rounds, including at Chubby Mummy and Must Be Motherhood. I changed the one about things I like about autumn to my list of crap to do because while I like autumn, I really need the accountability more. And I combined the things on the wish list with the things needed/wanted because really, those seem the same, and I just don’t want that much stuff.

8 TV Shows I Love to Watch: (I don’t really love watching TV… but I like it on in the background while I do other stuff or fall asleep on the couch. Consequently I miss the end of at least 25% of what I watch. Thank goodness for TiVo.)
=> Suze Orman Show
=> Daily Show
=> The Office
=> King of the Hill
=> Breaking Bad
=> Battlestar Galactica
=> Living With Ed (has that been canceled?)
=> 30 Days (canceled?)

8 Favorite Places to Eat:
=> Shalimar (Indian)
=> Donatos carryout, especially with the $5-off-a-large online coupon!
=> Mediterrano Cafe (Middle Eastern)
=> The cafeterias at work where the chefs hook me up with hummus, vegetarian soups, tofu on the pasta bar, beans for the burritos, and other good stuff every day
=> Broad Ripple Brewpub, because at least half their stuff is vegetarian
=> Machu Picchu (Peruvian)
=> Yats (Cajun/Creole, always good veggie options)
=> Red Robin or Denny’s for great veggie burgers!

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:
=> Flexed off some work hours to vote and get other stuff done
=> Bought 11 bottles of wine (I love the new boxed options, both for price and environmental/resource concerns)
=> Had Yats for dinner
=> President OBAMA!!
=> Drank too much wine and fell asleep during the acceptance speech
=> Cleaned the guinea pig cage
=> Put the soil back in my pot of mums that some creature dug out
=> Went to two meetings and didn’t get much of anything accomplished in either of them except scheduling more meetings! (Today: SAME THING)

8 Things I Look Forward To:
=> Wearing fall and winter clothes
=> Selling my house
=> Just-planted bulbs blooming in the spring
=> Marking a bunch of items off my to-do list
=> Travel
=> Visiting family
=> Bonded bunnies
=> Peace

8 Things on my To Do List:
=> Replace Jetta glow plug to get the engine light off
=> Repair Jeep flat tire
=> Take bike in for tune-up
=> Organize recipes
=> Rehome all the crap I don’t want anymore
=> Work with investment guy, make a plan
=> Administer fluids to my friends’ cat
=> Finish digging out roots and planting shrubs/bulbs

8 Things on my Wish List/Needs/Wants:
=> New office chair (ideally meeting ergonomic, non-leather, recycled, space demands!)
=> A clean house
=> Yakima racks on the car (purchased, just not yet installed)
=> Co-op membership
=> New pants for work
=> New cell battery
=> Better time mgmt/less procrastination (or just learning to deal with that aspect of myself)
=> More sleep

8 Things I’m Passionate About:
=> Animal welfare
=> Hunger/homelessness
=> GLBT rights
=> Peace
=> Grammar/spelling!
=> Lessening my environmental impact; sustainability
=> Adopting, not breeding, pets
=> Leading by example

8 Words or Phrases I Use Often:
=> What the heck
=> Nice driving, *sshole
=> Are you huuuuuungry?
=> Casper, shut up.
=> Did you just fart?
=> That can be recycled.
=> You can’t do that!
=> Your mom

8 Places I Would Love to Go or See or Visit:
=> Iceland
=> Thailand
=> Vancouver
=> Montreal (or was it Toronto?)
=> The Grand Canyon
=> Farm Sanctuary
=> Best Friends
=> Tropical beach

8 Things I Have Learned From My Past:
=> Don’t mouth off to people in charge
=> Don’t date anyone at work
=> People are generally good
=> Everyone is equal and deserving of respect
=> Eat dinner as a family (and cook it at home)
=> Go to college. It’s worth it for the experience, the pride/sense of accomplishment, and the extra income! Then push yourself to learn more
=> Work really hard. It impresses people and gives you a leg to stand on when you do need a break
=> Listen to your dentist

Fridays are good for complaining

Well, I drafted this post last Friday but never finished it, and then it became more than complaints anyway. Today’s excitement: I got a new keyboard at work (my fourth this year) and as of 2 p.m. I have 11 protocols and a 30-page evaluation to review before I go home. Not likely.

Someone smushed the Obama sign in our yard less than 24 hours after we posted it.

Saw this last night. TWO awesome mistakes! I made David turn around so I could take the picture.

David found rabbit poop in his pocket and blamed me.

Quotable janitorial services!

Did you know you can go to jail for virtual murder if you try to cover it up?

I think apparent reductions in meth labs/sales aren’t due so much to the pharmacy limits on quantities purchased, but rather the hassle of waiting forever to buy Sudafed. It took me ten minutes to wait in line behind people getting real prescriptions, and then the cashier had to fill out a book on her screen with my driver’s license info, then I had to sign a bunch of stuff. I’m going to have to pay more attention to Breaking Bad to figure out how to make this process more efficient–that kid had to go around buying a lot of Sudafed (and I’m not breaking into warehouses to get raw materials to make my own!).

The final rant became so long that it deserves its own post, mostly because if this gets any longer no one will read it. It’s about exciting email domain changes! Now I know you’ll be back.

Old Happy Day’s

Shadeland-area Indy grammar finds!

Seriously, GALARY? Is it for gals? (Or is that gal’s perhaps?)

Overheard at the Vatican Museum in June (yes, I record random things on slips of paper and then lose them for months):

One gay guy to another:
Are you kidding? I harvest artichokes every eight days. We’ve been together three years and one month and you didn’t know that?

In other news, David and I went to Oktoberfest as hosted by Nicole and family, where I was famous amongst those who had seen me on TV. More dorky pictures of me at KNH’s site! She brews her own beer for this mostly-annual occasion AND made vegetarian sausages. Cook those in butter and top with buttery sauteed onions and garlicky beer gravy, and I dare you to complain about the lack of dead animal!

Next weekend is a pub crawl, costumed, in the (I assume) crummy bars along East Washington Street, a location which has come up so frequently lately it practically needs its own blog. I need costume ideas or it’s Raggedy Ann again! I’m thinking I’d make a good hippie but I refuse to spend money on that costume and yet don’t know enough local closets to raid. I also considered going as Stevie Nicks on a recent PBS concert but I lack a top hat and witchy looking outfit.

Republic recycling facility tour Junk

I was going to talk about my tour of a local recycling facility today, but I just feel like uploading pictures.

Rode to work Thursday and decided to take a new way home just to make it interesting. I discovered there is a reason I ride the normal, planned route. However, this excursion was entertaining to a degree.

    Sarcastic dude on sidewalk: Hey, how far have you rode?
    Someone in passing car: Get on the sidewalk!
    Shirtless skinny guy on front porch scratching his armpit: Hey, your light’s on
    Out the window of passing car: Wooooooo

My current setup, having transferred lights and rack from the old bike. I need to adjust the rack angle and get the computer installed. Walt thought my bike smelled interesting and he licked the tires when I got home. I need a better system to haul my laptop so the rear bag doesn’t get so bulky, but the reusable bags work great for a change of clothes and some papers.

Ewwww. Our water cooler at work has an algae problem. You should see the inside of the spigot area, which we can’t get to to clean. I do clean this accessible part now and then.

Artesian bread: local Marsh supermarket sign. I was thrilled that a previous shopper had corrected the sign to “Artisan” for me! I had to mess with the contrast to enable you to see this correction due to poor camera phone performance.

New pigs!

I adopted two new pigs from one of our vets in Lafayette last week, who rescues them as well as about anything else (anyone need a pigeon?). I had already arranged to adopt the boy before Cappy died, so then I added a second pig so he’d have a friend.

This is Frisco. I fell for his picture online because he’s a teddy breed and similarly marked to my very first pig, Frisky. I named her that when I was nine because she made a lot of noise and was “frisky” the first night I had her (got her for ten bucks with cage and supplies in a newspaper ad… who knew I’d be recycling pets my whole life!). I figure Frisco is a better name but gives homage to the legacy anyway.

Frisco was given away to someone through the Lafayette Freecycle (don’t get me started on allowing pet giveaways on there), then the new owner had “allergies.”

And this is Sparkles, who needs a new name. Please suggest one. Sparkles was owned by an old lady in the Terre Haute area who was feeding her suet and birdseed. These are not appropriate foods for a guinea pig, in case anyone else was not aware. I picked Sparkles because she seemed to get along with Frisco in their brief date.

Walt has been fascinated by the pigs since they’re currently on the floor. They have a divider in the cage for now while Frisco’s neuter heals.

Nicole, Yorick‘s friend came to visit our porch this weekend!

This one’s in Broad Ripple. I’ve been driving past it for quite some time and finally bothered to capture the triple apostrophe abuse.

Latest from the camera, Labor Day

My aunt’s new dog from the pound, Annie. My mom was going to adopt her, decided the time wasn’t right, and my aunt had decided she wanted her instead!

Annie and Sophie (doggie sisters) in an action shot

Dad was a secret doggie lover all along

Dad and Mom have adopted a new doggie too now, but if they don’t send me pictures…

While I doubt this is a “Happy Chicken,” it’s one of the more realistic restaurant signs I guess. Most would show an actually happy-looking chicken, not one plucked and jumping on a flaming grill (with sombrero and cowboy boots, of course). This sign has freaked me out for years.
Pollo Alegre, Indianapolis eastside

The big claws taking down a building at work, one chunk at a time

This sign is so old and the building has been torn down for some time that I wonder why the letters look so recent (can they not spell, or did the C blow away and the other letters blow together?). The annoying part is the brand new building someone is putting here in an already dead section of town with plenty of boarded up buildings they could use instead. I have a real problem with the double whammy of using all those resources AND not taking the opportunity to address urban blight.

That’s about it. Labor Day weekend so far: gym, gave blood, looked at bikes, LONG nap. To come: painting, mowing, Petco-ing, and hopefully more naps and less of work calling me.

A thing I can’t live without


I get quizzed a lot about these. I wear them ALL the time at work because my hands are always cold, especially the mousing hand. My mom then knitted a couple pair too! I also bought them for a coworker one year since she was always cold.

And no, that’s not me in the picture, but it looks like one I might take. It even looks like my Where’s Waldo turtleneck that everyone hated but I loved. They hated the pink and navy striped one more, though.

Anyway, there is a rare sale on them. All in stock items are 15% off through September 1. Apply the code LABOR2008 at checkout at wristies.com. Good luck navigating the website… they also sell through third parties so you may have seen them elsewhere.

I also saw a similar item in the Athleta catalog recently if you want to be trendier and broker.

And now a few pictures from an 18ish-mile ride the other day after work on the White River Trail and back down Central through the hood. I discovered later that my tires are way low on air which might explain why the bike felt even heavier than usual.

White River Parkway

White River Parkway

bikes on Central, Indy

And finally, more proof that people who make and paint signs are often idiots. (Right under the WANTED part in case you aren’t drawn to it immediately like I was.)

The post you are reading is: Awsome.

I volunteered at a collegiate regatta on Saturday morning at Eagle Creek Park, where I observed boats coming across the finish line and recorded their order. I couldn’t see very well on the first race and we messed up the order! I hoped the other guy doing finish order would have gotten it but apparently he couldn’t see very well either. The crews sorted it out so all was well, but I felt badly. I should have volunteered to blow the air horn instead, I guess.

The finish tower is several stories of enclosed areas for the officials (where you see the Starbucks carafe that made me laugh) and an outdoor series of descending levels where we sat to observe the boats coming across the finish line, referenced by eye through a vertically strung cable just in front of us with a yellow pole on the 56th St. bridge across the reservoir. In the picture, the round orange buoy in front of the tiered people marks one end of the finish line, and the boats to the left have just finished racing and are turning around. This would have looked better as an action shot as the crossed the line but I was busy watching who came in first. 🙂 There are bow numbers on each boat but they are basically indistinguishable in this picture, which is why it was so hard to see them in the first place!

That was nice of Paula

David gets this ridiculous newsletter from his mortgage broker with tips and updates that really remind me of the local paper when I was living in Seymour. Here we learn what’s new with Keith:

As if the Scarfs weren’t enough the first time, now they have Prom Jewerly! Never mind that it’s spelled correctly on their huge sign and on another permanent sign on the window.

I was hanging out with Pippen tonight. He picked up my camera by the strap and threw it when he became bored with his normal toys.